Leasing services for Owners

  • Boveri Realty Group has a highly effective turn-key process, tailored to your property, which will provide you with a qualified tenant when you wish to lease your space.
  • Our Experienced Licensed Realtors have the knowledge and skills to find a good tenant for your property, saving you the time and effort this task often requires.
  • Our Non-Exclusive Agreement allows you and/or others to show your property as much as you wish. We are compensated only if we bring you and accepted tenant.
  • Our Full Time Leasing Staff saves you time and money by marketing your properties on a daily basis.
  • Our Successful Marketing and Advertising Methods along with referrals attract up to 200 leads per week.
  • Our Online Presence provides you with 24/7 exposure.
  • We offer Pricing Consultation if necessary.
  • We take a “Hands On” Approach to showing your property. We help with property photographs, property descriptions, conduction tenant background checks and more.

Leasing services for Renters

  • How We Work… Our mission at Boveri Realty Group is to find you the perfect place to live, whether you are looking to buy or lease.
  • We work with over 700 properties, in addition to several managed properties as well as individual owners throughout Kansas City to help them find qualified tenants for their properties.
  • The majority of our properties are located from the Rivermarket to the Plaza. We also have properties located outside of those boundaries in areas such as Brookside, Waldo, Prairie Village, Mission, KCK, North Kansas City, and much more.
  • What most potential renters don’t realize is that our service is completely FREE.
  • Once we have found you your new home, we are then compensated by the owner of the property as a thank you for filling their space.

How to get started!

  1. STEP ONE: MAKE THE CALL! Call 816.333.4040 or send an email to leasing@boverirealty.com and we will set you up with an agent.
  2. STEP TWO: KNOW YOUR CRITERIA! Once you have been set up with an agent, they will need to get all of your criteria in order to help you find the perfect space. Things like beds/baths, area of town, price range, when you are looking to move, pets, places you have already seen, etc. are all things the agent will need to know in order to narrow down what you are looking for.
  3. STEP THREE: APPLY & APPROVE! Once you have found your new place to call home, you will want to hold the property by putting in your application (usually $35). Once your application has been approved, our work here is done. From there, you will work with the owner or manager to sign your lease and fill out any other paperwork required. Congratulations on your new home!
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